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MUSIC VOTES is a groundbreaking coalition of the music industry’s preeminent nonprofits and industry leaders united to increase voter participation. We are the first ever industry-wide voter engagement coalition.

We offer a turnkey solution for artists, managers, music companies, venues and record stores to have a tangible impact on this year’s election. MUSIC VOTES is a high-impact nonpartisan program that’s customizable and seamlessly integrates into the busy lives and careers of artists and industry professionals.

With Election Day rapidly approaching, there are three keys to increased voting: registration; ensuring that voters have an accepted form of ID to cast a ballot; and turning out to vote. The coalition is designed to enable artists and music industry professionals to engage in a level of involvement that works for them.

We also offer custom data optimization to increase music companies’ effectiveness, with each of Music Votes’ 3 steps, developed with Johns Hopkins University’s SNF Agora Institute. The group is also developing a tool to show where any artist based on their demographics can have the largest civic impact.

One goal of MUSIC VOTES is to show both how to vote and why.

“Why does voting matter? I simply believe that your voice shapes the future,” said recording artist and Hip Hop Caucus Artist Relations Director Dawn Richard, formerly of Danity Kane. “When you vote, you’re participating in democracy, ensuring that your opinions, values, and concerns are represented. It’s a fundamental right and responsibility that empowers you to hold leaders accountable and to contribute to the collective direction of society. Your vote is not just a mark on a ballot; it’s a powerful tool for change and progress.”

Our partners

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